The Concept Of Home-Gym-Concepts

Hello, and welcome, if your like me and spend quite a bit or even a little bit of time on the computer surfing the internet for information on this, that, and the other then you definitely wonder where is this information coming from, and can I even believe what I am reading or is this really a reliable source of content.

That is why I am adding this "about me" page to my site for any inquiring minds or just curious people in general and in turn let you be the judge.

Hi my name is Ruben I am currently 54 yrs old and I reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the United States along with my wife of 20 yrs Shirley, and my two kids, or I should say adults who are both 25 Sam and Darlene.

This is the story of how I came up with the concept of building this website and how it has turned into a personal passion of mine and one that I love I might add.

I originally come from a small town in South Dakota 800 people was the total population, so you can imagine there was very little to do there. So my main interests growing up was sports, sports and more sports.

I went out for everything football, basketball, golf, baseball, wrestling, and track, this is a picture of me pole vaulting in my track days, so fitness and being in shape just went hand in hand with my interests.

Me Pole Vaulting

I then went into the military after school for 10 yrs where fitness was a must if you wanted to survive, at least back in those days any way. Working out was an everyday thing, and being 5'7" I maintained the weight of 155 lbs throughout my military years all the way up to about the age of 40.

Then it all began not to long after I got married, I started working out less and less and unfortunately my wife is an excellent cook, and I love to eat good food, and slowly but surely the pounds began to add up.

Slowly at first when I still felt good about myself, so I really didn't even notice it happening, but over time and to make a long story short the next thing I knew at the age of 52 I was seriously pushing 300 lbs.

Needless to say my health was in a poor state, and just doing everyday tasks was taking a toll on me. The feeling of being tired all the time was a normal state of being for me.

That is when I decided that I had to do something about it enough was enough so I took the public gym system route. After about 3 mos. I realized because of my work schedule and other factors that it was fast becoming a hassle.

Since I was determined to get my health back in check I started looking at fitness alternatives. I have a fairly good sized home and with my son recently moving out I decided to make the spare bedroom my first home fitness gym.

I hit the internet for information on home fitness gyms, but soon realized just about all the sites coming up on my searches were just filled with home gym equipment for sale and bits and pieces of information on what I call the total home gym concept.

Since I have always been into computers building them, and repairing them, along with surfing the net being a favorite pastime, the concept of coming up with a complete site about the home gym concept did not seem to far of a reach for me.

So there you have it, this is how I came to building this website with my re-found passion for fitness and my love for computers, and my constant search for information. I decided to put it all together and started Go to with a product called SBI. Despite any "Solo Build It scam" reviews you may read, they have a fantastic product for building online businesses.

With SBI! and this website I can help others who wish to do the very same thing with their homes, only with a little less Headaches and Frustration.

Here's To A Healthier Lifestyle. :-)

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