"Your Home Gym Plan Guide!"

OK, you have a room, now you need a home gym plan, before you do anything else, and especially before you spend any hard earned money, time, or effort other wise frustration will be on the horizon GUARANTEED!

There are many variables to consider when formulating your home gym plan, but basically you want it to be part of your home, and cater to the people in that home, that will be using it. So let's break it down in simple terms starting with...

1. -Safety- As I said before this is always number one in any home gym plan, especially if you have kids. I am sure most of you have heard about Mike Tyson's young daughter, and the tragedy they went through involving a treadmill in their home, we want to avoid that at all cost. I cover safety in more detail in Home Fitness Safety!

2. -Budget- If you’ve heard the saying, you get what you pay for, this is certainly true with home gyms. It’s not all high priced madness though.

And you can only afford what you can afford, unless you are at an expert fitness level, like heavy duty body-building, extremely expensive high quality home gyms may not fit into your home gym plan, and might be a waste of your money.

Finding a middle ground between affordability and quality gives value for your money. The general trend is to start up somewhere between $300-$2000, try to get something with as much training variety as possible.


However if your at an above average fitness level, and money and space is not a problem, than the sky is the limit for your home gym plan, and how you layout your Home Gym.

Although I highly recommend you start out slow, you can always expand with more equipment and accessories, as your fitness level increases, and more space becomes available.

3. -Space- How much space "i.e." square footage you have available for your home gym plan is a big factor as well, also how much weight your room can handle, all this determines how much, and what type of equipment, you can include in your layout of your room.

This simple Guide will assist you in your home gym plan,it will put you in the ballpark as to how much room you might require:

  • Exercise Bikes – 10 square ft.

  • Treadmills – 30 square ft.

  • Rowing Machines – 20 square ft.

  • Stair Master Steppers – 10-20 square ft.

  • Ski Machines – 25 square ft.

  • Basic Single-Station Gyms – 35 square ft.

  • Advanced Multi-Station Gyms – 50-200 square ft

  • Free Weights - Modest to advanced amount – 20-50 square ft.

Take the time to measure the height, width, and length of your room, and keep that in mind when ordering equipment, and accessories. There could be nothing more frustrating than buying a $4000 Home Gym and than while assembling or using it, you realize its hitting the ceiling or side walls.

Some home gym plans will have space limitations, and when that happens, then paying extra for foldaway equipment may well be worth it. An excellent example of this would be the TotalGym it has multiple exercises and folds up into a corner, I own one and love it.

Weight is a huge factor in your home gym plan layout also, if its a concrete floor, you have no worries, but if its an upstairs, or over your basement wooden floor joist system use caution.

Newer homes will carry 40 lbs of dead weight per sq.foot, that means for example, if you have a 5ft by 5ft area for a home gym, tread mill, or whatever calculate 5x5=25sq.ftx40=1000lbs that that area can handle.

Older homes I would only use 20 lbs of dead weight, and to be really safe, you can call your local building inspector for exact calculations according to your homes age and locality.

A good rule of thumb is spread your equipment out as much as possible and place heavier equipment over load bearing walls if possible.

4. -Fitness Goals- You need to have long, and short term goals in mind, for any home gym plan, and with a vision of what you want the end result to be way down the road.

Whether it be you want to run a marathon, shed a few lbs, or you just want to lose those love handles, the end result should be you maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.

All this will greatly influence you, as to what type of equipment, and accessories, you will need to complete your home gym plan for your room.

5. -Personal Style- Your fitness room needs to be motivating therefore making it lively, and attractive, and that is where your personality comes into play.

Top Recommends that I recommend for your home gym plan...

  • -Lighting- - Lights that brighten the entire room, such as fluorescent, or recessed lights, where brightness can be controlled with a switch, are perfect, and more conducive to working out.
  • p"Recessed

  • -Climate Control- - We all know what that funky smell is like after putting a good workout in especially in the warmer months imagine that smell over time without adequate ventilation. So include some central air vents and if possible depending on the size of your space, a window or two for airing out purposes, would be nice, or at the very least a ceiling fan.
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    -Sound System- With the right music to match your type of exercise, your workout will be over before you know it, and it even makes it fun. A T.V. or home theater would be great for those exercise videos, or even your favorite daytime show, while on the treadmill. Or maybe you just want to catch the news on those early morning workouts, before going to work.


  • -Mirrors- Mirrored panels strategically placed in your room helps you check your posture as you work out for better results and less risk of an injury. And at the same time reflects light and gives your room that open feel.
  • p"Mirrored

  • -Flooring- Rule of thumb soft enough to work out on durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Self-adhesive carpet tiles are the way to go many colors, washable and easily replaceable just take one up and wash or replace and your good to go. Also the foam matting squares that interlock with each other are an excellent choice also, and we will cover flooring in another section in detail.
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  • -Climbing Walls- If you have kids climbing walls are a great way to get them involved with fitness at a young age and best of all they love them, and the holds are movable so as the kids get older you can change their layout and make it more challenging. Also they can create a great design element in your layout!
  • p"Climbing

  • -Inspirational Pictures- Putting up pictures of family, friends, or that idea athlete you admire, what ever it is, that's going to make working out motivational, and fun for you, the options are endless.
  • p"Inspirational

  • -Color- This is very important towards motivation as it sets the pace, the wrong color, and interest can fade quickly. Blue for instance is relaxing, so if your into yoga, a little soft music and your good to go. Orange is energetic, so if your into cardio workouts, this is right up your alley. Purple is good for someone who is looking to transform their whole body with a variety of exercises. Red is a no-no, it raises the blood pressure and heart rate, and can tire you quickly.
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You now have enough information to get started on your home-gym-plan for your home, but before you do let me leave you with this thought, be honest with yourself, about how motivated you will be to exercise at home, before you invest your time, or money.

OK with that said, we will be covering all aspects of the Home-Gym-Concept, and much much more, such as different types of equipment, accessories, training, also different types of exercises, in other sections. So feel free to come back for the information you need at anytime.

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