Home Gym Styles What's Right For Me?

Your fitness goals will help determine which of the home gym styles is right for you. We have five different home gym styles from which you can choose, and that style will ensure that your home fitness gym will be the right match for you.

And at the same time giving you a plan with which to work from, as to what type of equipment, room layout, and the many types of accessories that will be available to you, and that they will be right match for you and or your family.

We will cover the top five home gym styles, and if you are seriously into home fitness you should fall under one of these five categories.

Top Home Gym Styles:

  1. Pilates/Yoga
  2. Weight Training/Cardio
  3. Strength Training/Circuit training
  4. Body Building/Weightlifting
  5. MMA/Boxing

-Pilates/Yoga- Even though these 2 home gym styles are very similar they are also very dissimilar, but for the sake of argument and because of the similarities we will we will cover it as one.

Home Gym Pilates Yoga

The goal of Pilates according to practitioners, is to attempt to create a fusion of mind and body, so that without even engaging the mind, the body will move with economy, grace, and balance.

On the other hand the goal of yoga, may range from improving health, to achieving Moksha, meaning liberation from all worldly suffering, and the cycle of birth, and death at which point there is a realization of identity with the Supreme.

Not much equipment is required for either one of these styles, so what equipment you already have, or will be purchasing in the future, will fit nicely in your home fitness room.

Check out Pilates and yoga equipment, to give you an idea as to what you might need. Depending on where you live, you should be able to acquire most of it at your local fitness store, unless you opt for a better price on the net, and ease of delivery if nothing can be found locally.

-Weight Training/Cardio- With this home gym style your goal is to lose weight through Cardio Workouts, or resistance training.

Home Gym Strength and Cardio

This was my personal style when I setup my home gym, it involves making a lifestyle change, and that change includes a good balanced diet and regular effective exercise, and your choice of equipment should always include aerobics, and resistance training.

You will need some basic cardio, and resistance equipment of your choice to complete your room, to match your personal style in your goal to lose weight.

Since weight loss, is my personal style, as an example this is what my wife and I have in our home gym, a Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym, which has like 100 different exercises and is very effective my wife just loves it.

And my personal favorite, because of the resistance training, and also because I wasLooking to lose weight The Total Gym.

With the total gym, exercising off my own weight with the many resistance workouts available is extremely effective, and also doing set ups at different inclines, has really flattened out my stomach which was a must for me.

We are both into Treadmills for the cardio, and we chose the FitnessGear 830T that we got from Costco mainly because we could get it locally with a great price. And I put in at least 2 miles on it every work out.

Finally she has a pilates setup, and I have some Dumbbell Racks that we both use, and a barbell set I use for certain exercises.

Next she wants to look into some stair-steppers to add next when our fitness levels increase, adding more equipment if you have the space is a great option.

Home-Gyn-Concepts will be doing fitness equipment reviews on all the many different types of equipment, and there purpose, for you to decide what is right for your situation.

-Strength Training/Circuit training- This home gym style is not to be confused with Bodybuilding. In simple terms it is a form of exercise through the use of resistance type equipment, to build up your muscle.

And when properly executed can drastically improve your health and well-being by targeting specific muscle groups.

Home Gym Strength Circuit Training

Resistance training machines, or multi-stationed gyms, are a favorite for this type home gym style, and can include different setups such as Smith Machines, pulley type machines, or much simpler, like the elastic bands, or exercise balls, that are very popular with the women.

Strength training equipment & accessories, along with the effective workouts that are available, will make your home gym effective for you, and or your family.

-Body Building/Weightlifting- This home gym style other wise known as power-lifting, or weight-lifting is considered a sport and is very competitive.

It is a form of exercise that involves intensive targeted muscle growth, for the purpose of entering competitions, and hopefully coming out on top, with the best overall complete build head to toe.

Home Gym Bodybuilding Weightlifting

Some popular bodybuilders, that should ring a bell are the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Hulk Lou Ferrigno, but is not limited to just men, many females are highly involved in the sport also.

For the most part they do the majority of their training in the many Body Building Gyms strung out throughout the world, so they can take advantage of the many types of equipment they need to target the individual muscle groups that they need to work on, also to keep an eye on the competition I suspect.

But to get that extra edge on the others, they will want to have a well equipped home fitness gym, with the equipment of their choice, to take advantage of at their convenience on those off hours.

-MMA/Boxing- This home gym style, also involves two sports are very similar as far as fitness and fitness equipment are concerned.

Although MMA takes it to another level because of the many styles of fighting they must incorporate, but that is where it ends from a fan's point of view, or maybe I should say a promoter's point of view so it seems.

Hom Gym Boxing MMA

Since I am a lover of both sports, I will stay neutral in my opinion, other than to say as far as Gyms are concerned, it seems the amount of boxing gyms are the same, or on the decline, while MMA gyms are springing up everywhere, or at least in my area that is.

The fitness level both these fighters are trying to achieve can include most all the methods that I have already covered above, and to achieve their fitness level.

Alot of cross-training is involved, and a home gym is a must if they wish to reach the fitness level that is required to participate in these events.

The stamina it takes to go 3 or 5 five minute rounds for MMA fighters, or 3 to 12 - 3 minute rounds for Boxing is breath taking.

Vigorous physical training is a must for these fighters, and weight training introduced together with cardio style training sessions will improve endurance, stamina, and strength.

You will encounter activities like sprints, rope skipping, and other high intensity exercises. Most trainings aim at preparing fighters to withstand rounds of extreme fighting.

Having the right equipment is essential for this style, no matter if your looking to get into the Boxing ring, or become a MMA Fighter. Competing at various levels in their perspective sport requires serious commitment to training, and the right attitude to survive this type of competition.

Ok now that you have your style, you now can start your Home-Gym-Plan, and build that home fitness room you always wanted.

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