Treadmill Reviews

Treadmill reviews, on this excellent exercise machine, will fit in anyone's fitness plan, because of the walking, or running in place, you do for a set period of time, by implementing a program, that matches your desired fitness goals.

These machines consist of a moving platform, with a conveyor belt, that can be powered by a flywheel, or motor, moving in a rearward direction, allowing you to run, or walk, at a desired pace.

This form of exercise is great for the cardiovascular system, and will improve your endurance level, while going easy on the stress to your feet, ankles, knees, and your lower back, because of the shock absorption systems, that are built into the modern day treadmill.

Most treadmills these days have an assortment of features, such as heart rate monitors, calorie counters, step counters, with adjustments for slope and speed.


  • Space Saver(folding) - allows more room for exercising, and other equipment.
  • T.V.(Video) - watching your favorite program/video, makes the time spent on the treadmill much more enjoyable.
  • TrekDesk - a desk for the treadmill, some have these, or you can order one. Comes in handy, if you want to do some work, or read while working out.
  • Heavy duty motor - if your big and tall, or over 300 lbs. - 3 h.p. motors or above will serve you nicely.

The modern heavy duty ones, have motors, that come in different sizes, or horsepower, that will match up with your affordability, and fitness level.

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