Ways To Increase Metabolism

Have you been searching for ways to increase metabolism, or foods that speed metabolism? This will possibly surprise you. All foods speed metabolism.

"How is that feasible?" you ask.

Let us take a fast glance at just exactly what is metabolism, how it works, and the ways to increase metabolism. The following conclusion may help you to much better understand the actual process, and just how it may affect your system.

Whenever you eat a meal, your body commences the process involving digesting the food, drawing out the actual nutrients and processing all of them to create energy which keeps your body functioning properly and efficiently.

It takes approximately 4 hours just to take in the nutrients. This is repeated with every meal you consume. In a day, that amounts to 12 hours that the body is active absorbing each meal's nutrients.

In a nutshell, during the digestion process, our bodies burn calories. This is especially true of foods containing carbohydrates and protein, which usually take more time than other foods to digest. By using these simple ways to increase metabolism of eating, digesting and absorbing nutrients from the food, you speed up metabolism.

Does this imply you need to eat much more to constantly stimulate calorie burning?

Here's another answer on ways to increase metabolism, that may surprise you. Yes. But hold on before you park yourself in front of the fridge, bib in place, knife and fork at the ready.

In case you skip breakfast and other meals, you are going to slow metabolism, or how quickly your body burns calories. We want to raise metabolism, and in this case, consuming more food will help speed metabolism.

Actually by eating scaled-down meals more often during the day, you are able to keep your metabolism working so that your system is constantly in the state of calorie burning.

As mentioned, there are several foods that require more of your body's energy to burn. The actual degree to which they impact your body's metabolism is dependent upon the particular food selection.

Foods That Speed Up Metabolism:

Caffeine, coffee, tea, chocolate and a chemical substance found in chillies, are some ingredients that speed metabolism, but only minimally.

Metabolism boosters like carbs and protein trigger the highest rate of metabolism. Actually a protein meal can burn as much as 25% of that meal's calories by means of digestion and absorption.

Although a high protein dinner might sound pleasing, consider that it would not offer your body with its required round of nutrients. Including vitamin and mineral supplements as ways to increase metabolism is not the solution either, simply because they do not provide the same quality of nutrients that are found naturally in foods.

The best choice is to consume well-balanced foods that speed up metabolism on a regular basis which contain protein, non-starchy vegetables, fats and carbohydrates. This will lessen fat production while preserving your blood sugar at a degree that helps to burn fat and build muscle.

Concentrate on these Top 10 specific foods that effectively speed up metabolism and burn off fat.

Top Ten:

  • Whole grain bread
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Fresh Cheese
  • Green Beans
  • Summer Squash
  • Cabbage
  • Asparagus and other non-starchy vegetables.
  • And, of course, protein rich meats.

To temporarily boost your metabolic rate by as much as 30%, drink cold water.

Remember, there are other elements beyond your control that will impact your body's speed of metabolism, including your age, sex, and any medical conditions.

While these types of foods can speed metabolism, the best way to lose weight is with a healthy combination of regular meals and exercise, especially those that build muscle simply because muscle burns calories too.

Exercise on a regular basis, stick with a diet of protein, non-starchy vegetables, fats and carbohydrates, and be sure you add some of those foods that speed metabolism, and you'll soon see the effects you want.

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